As we learned before in my previous blog, prana is our vital life force, our chi, or our energy body. There is a direct link between our thoughts and the amount of prana that we possess.

But what is the relationship between prana and thought? The answer is quite simple. If we have positive thoughts- we create, hold and even increase our prana. When our prana is increased, we can tackle any task and deal with anything. When we are swimming in a sea of negative thoughts our prana is low- we have a hard time dealing with the simplest of situations. We feel the weight of the world on our shoulders.  Worry usurps our prana and unnecessary worry often comes from our imagination and is not even true.

The negative thoughts that come from your own mind can, and often do, confuse you. The body and mind feel the lack of prana or flow of vital energy.  If a negative situation keeps persevering, you drain your prana. This can cause the development of disease (dis-ease) caused by stress.  Some examples of negative situations could be: losing a job, not liking your job, losing a loved one, dealing with a challenging person, or going through a break up. Anxiety often comes from apprehension and fears of the future or regrets of the past.

Sometimes it's not even life circumstances- it's unanswered existential questions in your mind like: who am I?, what is evil?, why is there so much difficulty and suffering?, what is love?, what is life?, what will happen tomorrow? What will happen when I die?

The world is stressful too and you absorb negative feelings from the world from group thought and group stress. For example, when Y2K- year 2000 was approaching there was a tremendous amount of group stress. Many people thought that something tragic would happen and everyone was in a state of fear. This is collective imagination or thought.

Intentionally putting yourself in fear by voluntarily doing things such as watching scary movies or violent and negative tv, constantly reading bad news or over watching the news on television or the internet, hanging out with negative people, or listening to violent music all drain your prana. When you cultivate a mentality of fear you lower your life force. Every time you're afraid- you lose your prana.

Every time you argue with someone or enter into conflict you zap your prana big time and it sometimes takes a while to build your energy back up again. Having big emotional swings has a draining effect on your prana. That also includes very high highs. Have you ever noticed that when you have something really good happen that makes you ecstatic, you inevitably have a crash afterwards and you're tired?

So how do we think in such a way that keeps our prana intact and balanced?
Yoga life helps to build inner peace, inner knowledge and teaches us how to stop looking externally for  happiness. It helps you to cultivate contentment and self confidence but not in artificial things. It's not about your bank balance, good looks, approval from others, friendships that go up and down or anything external that can change. It's about finding your inner peace and presence that is unchangeable and is always there for you. Connect with that and this gives you inner strength, joy, and peace- this is revealed through yoga. A calm mind balances and replenishes your energy and connection with your true self. Detachment is very healthy and helpful in challenges of life.

Mental stability allows you to connect with yourself and you can recharge yourself and deal with things properly and make the right decisions. We sometimes spiral down- we worry, we think wrongly about ourselves, we imagine things that don't happen, we don't let go. This results in our thoughts becoming negative, we become vulnerable, we get sick, we get paranoid and we loose ourselves.

We have to build up good habits. Everything is in our hands- it's up to us to create good thoughts, good energy, to know that there is abundance and positivity in life and it's up to us to create it. We often indulge in negative thinking so we have to reset our thinking patterns and create our own uplifting lives. Don't blame it on others- only you are responsible for your situation. If it's bad- it's up to you to change it. Create your own beautiful place, your own beautiful world. It's here, not somewhere over there where 'the grass is greener'.

We have to confront our own mind and rid ourselves of the negative thinking patterns that are keeping us back. Each time that you find yourself thinking a negative thought, replace it with a positive one!

Try serving other people, not your own ideals. Become more flexible, more adaptable, more accommodating. Your true self is the openness and unconditional love that wants to give and be positive. To get to this we have to stay strong and do the right thing and live in integrity.

Choose what comes into your mind through your senses (sight, touch, smell, taste, and hearing) and don't indulge in the negative influences around you. Don't worry about being alienated from those around you that are negative- they will want to be like you when they see how positive you are and you will become like honey to the bees because you are so nice to be around!

It's when you have lots of beautiful prana that you can live your passion, uplift others and be a beacon for the world. Stay positive, stay healthy, stay the wonderful being of light that you are!

May there be peace on our precious Earth and may all humans awaken to the truth that we are all one.

With love and deep respect,