Forgiveness is one of the key things that can quickly ramp up your higher brain waves, raise your consciousness level, and deeply heal your body and soul. If you are interested in reaching a new level of spiritual awareness in your life and desire to open  yourself up to true peace and unbounded joy, the most direct way to do this is forgiveness.

In order to fully benefit from the power of forgiveness we have to  forgive every person in our lives who has wronged us.  We have to forgive friends, teachers, spouses, business partners, family members, and acquaintances alike. Forgive  everyone you can think of that you believed wronged you, big or small., even if it was in the slightest way or the biggest way imaginable, whether it was intentional or unintentional.  We also have to forgive ourselves.

Every time we focus on forgiveness, alpha waves will spike. The brain's alpha waves are associated with high creativity, compassion, insight,  and love. The single biggest factor suppressing alpha waves are holding onto grudges, resentment and anger, so its critical for us to be able to release every last bit of it out of our system. It's not about picking and choosing who you think is deserving of forgiveness and who's not, and it's not about the person you're forgiving. It's about YOU being able to release all of the negative and destructive emotions that grudges create in your body, mind and spirit. Forgiveness offers you the opportunity to  choose- choose to let go of the pain and hurt and not give that old story any more power over you. Whether it's forgiving someone who mentally or physically abused you, a friend who stole from you, a parent that didn't accept you, or someone who betrayed your trust, who threatened to hurt you, or created difficulty in your life, true forgiveness liberates you.

For those of you who are looking to get to the next level of your meditation practice, begin an effective meditation practice, or simply find peace of mind and deep healing, forgiveness is key.

How to liberate yourself through forgiveness-
Here are some simple steps you can take to bring forgiveness into your life.

Step 1: Set The Scene
Find a quiet space to sit with your spine straight and relax. Take 10 deep breaths into your abdomen and clear your mind. Just focus on your breath. Now, with your eyes closed and for about two minutes or so, bring back all the anger, frustration and pain you felt when someone in your life wronged you. Feel yourself in that very moment when it happened and picture the same environment that you were in when you interacted with them. Imagine yourself there again during this experience.

Step 2: Feel The Anger And Pain
As you see the person who “wronged” you in front of you- get emotional, re-living the anger and pain. Feel it burn. You only should do this for a minute or two. Once you bring up these emotions that the person created in you, move on to the next step…

Step 3: Forgive Into Love
See that same person in front of you, but instead, feel compassion for them. Ask yourself, “ what did I learn from this? How did this situation make my life better?”   Think about what lessons you could derive from this situation, as painful as it might have been. How did these lessons make you better or help you grow? Spend some time here.

Next, think about who this person is. What pain or anguish could they have have gone through in their life that made them do what they did? There is a quote, “Hurt people hurt people.” It implies that those who hurt others, are doing it because at some level they were hurt too. Think about how they may have been hurt in their own childhood or in their recent years.

Imagine this person in their childhood. Perhaps he or she came from poverty. Perhaps he had an abusive mother or father. Perhaps her life was a constant struggle or there were too many demands and too little love.

If it's possible or appropriate ask this person to forgive you too, but if it's it's not, you don’t have to ask the other person to forgive you. You just have to forgive them. This is completely within your control. When you learn to truly forgive, you become invincible. Someone could be mean to you and yes, you’ll take defensive action and protect yourself if necessary, but you’re able to go on with your life without ever having to waste anymore of your energy on them.

Now there’s something important to distinguish here. 'Forgiving into love' does not mean to simply letting go when you could be in danger. You still need to protect yourself and take action if this person could still currently harm you. What forgiving into love means is that the pain of what happened no longer eats at you.

What this act of forgiveness gives you is 'freedom' and a sense of liberation. It allows you to cleanse yourself of grudges that you may have been holding onto for years, letting go of painful memories that you may have forgotten you even had and finally releasing the charges against people who you believed wronged you in your life. It allows you to be at peace with yourself.

These steps can be practiced for self forgiveness also. Take the time to go through setting the scene, feeling the anger and pain, and forgiving into love of yourself. Feel compassion for what you were going through at that time that contributed to the situation and take on the internal role of your own compassionate mother. In your mind, wrap your arms around your inner child and love that person, even with all of your perceived flaws and faults.

Perform this meditation with all of the people you've had trouble truly forgiving in your life, and know that you are doing yourself a huge service as a result. Know that you are evolving into a more conscious, compassionate being.
With deep respect and love,