When you wake up to this day- it's the one day given to you. It's not just another day.

It's the day.

It's given to you-

in this moment,

in this time,

in this era,

in this millenia.

There was never this day before and there will never be this day again.

Throughout prehistory, unrecorded but lived, nonetheless, days of sunshine and rain, blissful natural beauty and terrifying natural disasters long forgotten, these days were lived in someone's consciousness- in someone's reality- in your ancestors' reality.

In recorded time, the mundane days were lived- the peace of family, firelight and wheat blowing in the wind and the nightmare of attacking enemies and senseless deaths of the dearest loved ones. The blissful birth of a new baby, the pangs of sadness in the death of a cherished parent or a child. Eons of precious time have rolled by- day by day, minute by minute....

You have arrived here.

Landed here on this day,

in this time,

at this moment.

How are you feeling?

Are you caught up in the stories of your past and the anticipation of your future? Are you involved with your mind 'stuff' or are you present to opening your heart and calming your mind to the incredible miracle of this moment?

Step away,

take a break,

take a breath,

go within.

Is your essence buried beneath the layers or is it on the surface, raw for the moment? Ready for anything?

In that moment of opening, what does the word gratitude evoke? What are the simplest gifts bestowed on your life right now? The air you breath? The beautiful day embracing you? The friend who just called you? The smile of a random lovely face passing you by on the sidewalk?


Hold onto your wonder,

your awe,

your innocence.

Don't allow hurt to take this away. Take a moment to let go of politics, of the latest media tragedy, of the unnecessarily compelling BS of the latest 'reality' show or film personality.

Open to the wonder of your life, of your existence, of your potential.... and celebrate with gratitude. Be grateful to be alive during the most amazing time in history. Grateful for your body, your senses, your magnificent intelligence, the unbounded consciousness that is you, that is me, that is all.

Be aware of your surroundings. There is beauty in the most mundane circumstances if you can truly understand the miracle of your existence.

The incredible being that you are-

all of the systems of your body working in a celestial harmony-

breathing you,

digesting you,

healing you,

connecting you

to every living being on this planet, every being that's ever lived, every being that will ever live in the far off, distant future.

You are a part of this magnificence,

this stream of awakening,

this pervading, ever-expanding energy of universal consciousness,

this eternity,

this power.

Be grateful, be here, be you, be love because, in reality, after all is said and done, that's all that really counts, that's all that ever is, that's all that truly exists..... and that's enough.

With much love and gratitude,