May is meditation month! Meditation is a means to directly experience our true nature. To accept and know ourselves for who we really are behind all of the labels and structures and stories that we build and create to allow us to survive in this world.

Sitting in stillness and looking within allows us to penetrate through the ego-self that is restless, confused, and ever changing, and connect with the eternal self that is always peaceful, blissful, and impervious to what is happening in our environment and in our minds.

Happiness is within, but we spend our lives searching for happiness in sensual objects. It is when we stop running after our desires and letting go of our attachments that we can abide in our true nature that is eternal, not dependent on ‘things’, and inherently perfect.

The second type of meditation that we will practice together is Mindfulness Meditation.  In being mindful of what is happening in the present moment with our breath, sensations in our body, and sounds in the environment, we can begin this inward journey.

By focusing on the moment-to-moment happenings within and without, allows us to deepen awareness and move closer to the spacious, unconditioned, loving presence within all of us. Each time that our mind creates another thought that cries out to us that it's more important and urgent to pay attention to, without criticism or judgment, we bring our focus back to the breath and the sensations in the body.

With a detached observation, we become the witness of our own mind and, consequently, begin to get it under control. By becoming the non-judgmental observer of our own mind, we can tap into our intuitive knowledge, our wisdom and higher knowing, creating inner strength, inner peace and healing.

Please try my ‘Mindfulness Meditation’ and you will experience what focusing on presence can help you relax, detach from anxious, stressful thoughts, and connect with a deeper part of your being that is peace, joy, and understanding.  Enjoy this dive into the ocean of your true being!