I have been taking yoga classes with Jen for almost 2 years now. Jen’s knowledge of instructing a class in yoga encompasses everything...mind, body and spirit. She shares excellent information in each class in each of these areas.

Jen can guide you through an entire class with her students eyes closed if she wanted. she gives calm, clear and concise instructions on how to get into and out of each pose.

Jen provides a warm, friendly and safe environment. I have never felt uncomfortable in my practice. I feel at ease to push something in my practice or hold back depending on how I am feeling or how my body mechanics are. Jen is always there on whatever level her students need or want to be at. Jen makes each student feel welcome and special. Going to a Yoga class with Jen is for sure one of the highlights of my week!
— Ann Sauer
Jen is kind and loving. She gives energy and takes none.
— Dawn Poe
Jen’s teaching style demonstrates her love of yoga & knowledge. She knows the medical benefits of postures & the variations for students with physical limitations. Her energy & personality are focused, calm, centered & enthusiastic.
— Kathie Houston
Jen has a deep knowledge of all aspects of Yoga. She genuinely cares about each student and it is reflected in how she teaches each class. She prepares classes that are informative, interesting and challenging.
— David Barlow
I really like how Jen explains the benefits of what we do in class, so we can understand and appreciate how each pose and breathing exercise affects us holistically (physically, energetically and spiritually — the mind/body connection.) Most other yoga teachers just move from pose to pose without discussing how the pose can benefit us. Jen also provides instruction on how to move in and out of poses safely, which allows her students to focus on correct alignment. She also offer modifications to acknowledge that some folks may need accommodations to deal with past injuries or age-related ‘limitations’. I always feel safe in her classes and know that I am doing the best I can in any given class — with no judgement! Lastly, I love how Jen weaves in themes (chakra clearing, focusing on the immune system, figure 8’s, balance, etc.). In addition to learning a lot, her themes adds a deeper dimension to the class, which allows me to more fully experience all the benefits of yoga. It’s clear that Jen spend a lot of time and effort on this — with the readings she select and the breathing and poses she include. It keeps her classes fresh and interesting. It really differentiates her teaching style.
— Deb Kaplan
Jen’s best qualities: her kindness and loving heart.
Her respect for people and the way she can easily connect with individuals
— Lori Pendergast
Jen has the ability to explain the postures in a clear way that is easy to visualize and implement. She is an encourager and she knows when a “boost” is needed. She has a positive attitude and a high energy level that is contagious!
— Anne Schultz
Jen knows her subject and puts time into preparing every class. She instructs and demonstrates and gives individual corrections but not in a way that is condescending. She is leading but also finding her path. She is a role model of what yoga can bring to your life. Jen’s passion for yoga is infectious. She is so dedicated to yoga and bringing it to her students.
— Anne Hamrick
Jen is dedicated and passionate about the tenets of yoga. She is compassionate and well informed.
— Judy Downs
Jen is SINCERE in living and practicing what she preaches. She doesn’t just teach Yoga, she IS a Yogi throughout her life. It shows in the way she connects with everyone in and out of class.

she is MASTERFUL...I really wonder if there is a yoga pose she hasn’t done?? Yoga is her native language.  I’ve taken hundreds of classes from her and each has been unique! Her yogic vocabulary is bottomless and that allows her to speak her practice fluently to everyone seeking through her, so that they hear and understand.  

Jen’s GRACE allows her to welcome EVERYONE with open arms, without judgement, with full acceptance, with commitment to and belief in their goals no matter how big or small, withholding nothing, tolerant of everything. I’ve witnessed your okay-ness with everyone quickly enabling people to be Ok with themselves and trying to get their uncooperative bodies (and minds) in to a better, healthier place. Jen quickly, and deservingly, draw peoples’ trust and love.
— Kim White
Jen’s three best qualities:
Her caring manner and compassion. Her playful sense of fun. Her rockin’ out body!
— Kelly Cleveland
Jen (my mother) is attentive to her students’ needs. She is gentle in her handling, yet strict and demanding enough to inspire giving it all.
— Alex Hamady
Jen is a trained Yoga Acharya (yoga master) and with her credentials she can teach people from a comprehensive standpoint. She has the knowledge that’s given her a unique focus on her practice. Her education, experience and training and her own longstanding practice gives her a unique ability to teach others more of the specific attributes of yoga (the mental and spiritual side). Her experience with cancer patients and chiropractic patients have given her a unique knowledge of the body that enables her to address injuries and avoid exacerbating injuries.

Another great quality about Jen is her ability to translate the postures of yoga and their value to the layperson. Coming from the practical aspects to explain the benefits of each posture and show us, in a professional way, what we’re doing.

Jen brings good cheer, a healthy attitude and she encourages the love of yoga with her charismatic approach to the profession. Her attitude is infectious to others.
— Bruce McLaughlin