Yoga poses 101 series for beginners

A Full Encyclopedia of beginning Yoga Asanas or Postures, their benefits and modifications

This course will offer clear, complete guided instruction on all Yoga Asanas or postures for beginning Yoga students and more advanced students who want a dependable reference to help improve or modify their practice. This course is easy to follow and makes learning yoga simple and enjoyable!

This online yoga course allows you to learn each individual pose at your own pace and go back as often as you'd like to practice and re-learn them. It is an indispensable tool for those wanting to learn and retain information on the asanas, a very important part of the physical Yoga practice. Each pose brings you enormous benefits for your general well being.  Once you've learned all of these postures you will feel confident going to any beginning yoga practice.

Although some people prefer to practice using a yoga mat, this is not essential. Wear comfortable clothing that you can move freely in.  Some of the poses require props.  If possible, have a yoga strap, 2 blocks, a blanket and a yoga bolster.  All of these props are available online. 

What are the requirements?

  • The course is perfect for complete beginners, no previous experience is required.  It is also recommended for yoga practitioners with some experience but would like a reference library to go to to learn the proper names of the poses, practice alignment, become more adept at each posture, or use modifications for the postures. 
  • The course will help you learn Yoga Asanas or postures and basic Pranayama or breathing techniques of a beginning Hatha Yoga practice. 
  • You will need: a yoga mat (if you like to use one), a yoga strap (the belt of a robe will do), 2 yoga blocks, a blanket, and, if possible, a yoga bolster ( a cushion from your sofa that is a little stiff will do too).

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Knowledge and skills to practice each asana with confidence.
  • Learning the benefits of each posture.
  • Learning the modifications for each posture if you have specific limitations or you need to do an easier version or sometimes a more difficult version. 
  • Gain these skills in the comfort of your own home,  choosing when to practice without having to attend expensive classes.
  • Be able to attend a beginning Yoga class confidently and effectively after learning each posture.
  • Gain beginning knowledge of breath practice or pranayama and why we do it. 
  • Enjoy a full range of yoga poses, designed to improve flexibility, posture, bone density, and have a healing/ boosting effect on the immune system, digestive system, cardiovascular system and virtually all systems of the body. 
  • Realize an inner calm as you learn to become self and body aware.
  • Integrate yoga easily and effectively into your lifestyle.
  • Practice with confidence, knowing you are fully supported by a highly trained and knowledgeable instructor.